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To all appearances, Allen Barrow was an ordinary guy with an ordinary job. No one knew he was also partnered with a pair of sexual predators who liked to play games. -- such as kidnapping, binding and raping young men.

Eric Larson was a waiter en route home from work when he was taken, soon followed by Bobby Carapisi, a rising baseball star with a pregnant wife and a child.

Eric reported what happened to him but ran headlong into an uncaring system of justice. Bobby, on the other hand, just wanted it all to go away so he could focus on his family and career...and deal with his emotional chaos in his own way.

But what can you do when the world you have always known turns on you? You either fight back to decide your own destiny...or you die.

This is a tragedy about redemption.

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BOYS WILL BE BOYS - THEIR FIRST TIME edited by MICKEY ERLACH is the latest anthology from STARbooks Press. With hot stories of first time experiences written by veteran authors of gay erotica, mixed in with equally hot stories by first-time STARbooks Press contributors, BOYS WILL BE BOYS - THEIR FIRST TIME is guaranteed to keep you up at night and wanting for more. MICKEY ERLACH's first anthology for STARbooks Press opens with GRANDDAD'S WOODSHED by JAY STARRE, author of Erotic Tales of the Knights Templar, one of the hottest books STARbooks Press has ever published, and the steaming pace is revved up page after page right up to the second of two novellas --



Kyle Michel Sullivan.

Daniel writes mystery novels and wants to get back together with his ex, Tad. He agrees to rework some bad adaptations of his books into readable scripts to be pitched to a network. If all goes well, Tad might rekindle their love; if not, he loses the guy forever.

But Tad insists Daniel use his family's empty, isolated lodge in upstate New York to do the writing. A snowstorm blows in that isolated lodge becomes a center of mystery, suspense, lies, betrayal, seduction, revenge, murder, confusion, frostbite, nudity, gunfire, predatory females, homophobic males, an obnoxious caretaker, a hot shower with people who don't exist, a blazing fireplace, wistful dreams, bizarre shower curtains, shredded clothes, off-key TV-show music, secrets in shadows, crooked politicians, bribery cash, romance with the proper stranger, a hermit who hates everybody, and enough psychosis to fill Washington DC. All in just two hours on a Friday night ... as told in glorious, attitude-heavy detail by Daniel's fictional detective, Ace Shostakovich.

And if you think you can guess how it ends ... guess again.


Also available to order through
Ingram Content Group
in the US, UK and elsewhere ...