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When Antony met Collier, his life became perfect...until "Collie" was wrongfully arrested and brutally killed in the city's jail, and Antony's world careened into chaos. Then a chance comment led him to believe Collie's death was not "a tragic incident that no one could have prevented," but was actually a set-up for murder.

Antony set out to learn the truth, putting himself on a collision course with a shadowy group of people who would stop at nothing to protect themselves...even if it meant killing not only him but anyone else they felt was a threat. That included Jake, another man touched by the conspiracy who was willing to back Antony up, and who was offering him a chance at a new life if only he would back away from his need for revenge.

Problem is, Antony was too lost in hate and anger to regain control of himself...even as he careened headlong into disaster.

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Alec Presslea just wanted to live his life. But after he was nearly killed in a gay-bashing, he learned the police were deliberately shielding his attackers because one was the son of a prominent judge. That's when a hungry howling Panther took him over and he found a new meaning.

So the world said he was sick and immoral and against nature? That he did not deserve the same rights as others? That it was okay to try and kill him? Well, he'd prove to everyone that it was actually normal and natural for two men to derive pleasure from each other. Period. And he would use the frat-boys who had attacked him to provide tricking them into helping him. Or forcing them to, if need be.

And under his Porno Manifesto, that would be the best revenge.

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​​There's more than one way to rape a straight guy, and Curt's tried them all during his short life, which includes six years in prison. Now demands from his wife and zero prospects of a decent job are making it impossible for him to even think of building a normal life in today's world...until he hustles two gay men in a bar, mentions his experiences in prison -- which included forcing straight cons to get off as he raped them -- and found himself a new way to make some real cash.

It seems the two men, Wayne and Lenny, want some revenge of their own against a cop who's given them trouble. If Curt can get him off while being assaulted, they'll give him a car, money, and a chance at a new life. Being in the mood to do some damage, Curt agrees...but things quickly spin out of control and aim him straight for disaster.

And he's not sure he wants to stop it.

These are books where sex is used as a weapon of revenge, conquest and manipulation, with no excuses allowed. Not your kinder, gentler stories, by any means.

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You never know what life will throw at you. Bobby Carapisi got slammed when he was living his dream job as a relief pitcher for an expansion baseball team and went out to buy ice cream for his pregnant wife. For Eric Larson, it was when he was en route home after a particularly nasty shift of waiting tables. Each man happened to cross the path of Allen Barrow...and the brutal encounter sent their worlds spiraling out of control.

To all appearances, Allen was a quiet, unassuming kind of guy...but he also happened to be partnered with a pair of sexual predators. The three of them first brutally assaulted Eric...and not long after, chose Bobby for their fun.   Eric reported what happened to him but ran headlong into the nightmare of an uncaring system of justice. Bobby, on the other hand, just wanted to ignore it all so he could focus on his family and career. However, the rest of the world had other plans for them both, and when society decides to crush you, what can you do but fight back?

Even if it means destroying someone innocent.

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