Daniel loves to write mystery novels. He also wants to get back together with his ex, Tad Bentley. So he agrees to rewrite 8 horrible scripts in time for them to be pitched as a new series. If the network goes for it, he gets a week in Bermuda to rebuild their love; if not, he loses the guy forever.

Only Tad wants to keep the rewrite super-hush-hush, so insists Daniel use his family's empty, isolated lodge in upstate New York. Daniel agrees, but a massive snowstorm blows in and he's up trapped there ... and that "isolated lodge" turns into the center of mystery, suspense, lies, sex, betrayal, seduction, revenge, murder, fist-fights, confusion, frostbite, nudity, gunfire, predatory females, homophobic males, an obnoxious caretaker, a hot shower with people who don't exist, a blazing fireplace, wistful dreams, bizarre shower curtains, shredded clothes, off-key TV-show music, secrets in shadows, crooked politicians, $800,000 in bribery money, romance with the proper stranger, a hermit who hates everything except chipmunks, and enough psychosis to fill Washington DC. All in just two hours on a Friday night ...

... as told in glorious detail by Daniel's fictional detective, Ace Shostakovich.

Paperback  $10.99

E-book          $2.99

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