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Devlin Pope has spent his life fighting to maintain control. The company he owns with his brother is finally doing well after nearly being destroyed by fraud. He's now able to purge his anger-domination urges with men who are into the same sort of sex fantasy games as him. He’s even at the point where his long-deceased father’s physical abuse has become little more than a hard memory. Then the day before he’s set to return to New York from London on a business trip, he’s contacted by the New Jersey state police; they may have found the remains of his mother, who vanished 22 years ago, and want him to provide a DNA sample to verify the body.

The realization that his mother didn't run off but was killed by his father crashes Devlin into a chaos verging on madness. In a desperate attempt to regain control, as he’s riding back to his hotel on the Underground he shifts into predator mode, fixates on a good-looking guy, follows him off the train, kidnaps him, and sexually assaults him. It’s not the first time he’s done this, but in the past he’d only attacked men who had crossed him. This guy had done nothing but sport a tattoo Devlin liked. So instead of calming the beast within, his turmoil is increased and he is wracked with guilt.

Devlin winds up being arrested and, to his greater horror, finds out the guy he attacked is a undercover cop named Reg, who was acting as a decoy to try and trap a serial killer. Three men resembling Reg have been raped and murdered, in the last few months by a man who resembles Devlin; now, thanks to his interference, that number has increased to four and the British media are howling. Naturally, the Police think he’s the killer’s accomplice, and there is nothing he can say or do to change their minds.

As the evidence against him mounts, the shame he feels for what he did to Reg brings up issues and memories he thought long buried, and mixed in is the confused realization he’s fallen in love with the guy...despite him being straight, married, with four kids and not in the least bit interested. Devlin careens into a brutal re-evaluation of his life even as he does all he can to track down the killer before another man dies...because it’s looking more and more that thanks to his actions Reg has been marked as the killer’s next target.

And to Devlin's shock...and joy...he would sooner die than let that happen.