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Lewis Carroll’s Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was first printed in late 1865, but Sir John Tenniel, who did the illustrations, so disliked how they turned out they were recalled to be replaced by a new printing. All but around 50 were returned, and were destroyed. Of those 50 -- fewer than half are still in existence.

Adam Verlain knows all about this because he’s a rare book cataloguer for a small university, and as he often says...books are his life. So when that university acquires a newly discovered copy of The Alice ‘65, it’s only natural they would want him to fly to Los Angeles and pick it up. But Adam refuses. He hates even the thought of leaving his careful, cloistered world and only agrees to go when pressured...and told the book will be brought to him at the airport so he can return to London on the very next flight.

However, from the moment he boards the plane, things start to go very, very wrong. Then he meets the amazingly beautiful Casey Blanchard, the movie star who inherited The Alice '65. She will not let him have the book unless he accompanies her to a premier of her latest film for reasons that seem...well, quite odd.

Adam is forced to go along because he is now threatened with the loss of his job, if he does not get the book...but at the same time, his world is crashing into a chaotic mix of a too-cool henna artist, a protective mother, a drill-sergeant stylist, very questionable edibles, two mistaken identities, hysterical fans, Hollywood royalty, their courtiers and minions, maniacal LA drivers, an outlandish party, a drowning pool in the middle of Beverly Hills, a love-struck wild animal on a homemade veldt, 50 cans of salmon...and the terrifying realization he’s fallen in love with a woman every man in the world desires, whom he knows could never love him back.

Or could she?