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The ALICE '65

A romantic-comedy about an English lad, an American lass, an antique book worth millions, and a lonely guard panther ... not your typical day in LA.

Adam Verlain loves his careful, cloistered world of antiquarian books. But when an American celebrity offers an 1865 copy of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" to his university, he has to be all but forced to travel from London to Los Angeles to close the deal. Then after a disastrous flight, he is taken aback when the actress refuses to give up the novel unless he escorts her to her latest film premier for reasons that seem ... well, rather odd.

Subjected to a radical Hollywood makeover, Adam is mistaken for a British actor, dragged to a goofy party, has to dodge an overly affectionate guard panther, and is shocked to learn the actress does not have the book.

Can he escape the spotlight shenanigans to find this true treasure ... and keep it from falling into the wrong hands ... and keep himself from falling for a woman who is way beyond his reach ... in this zany quest to rescue a priceless classic?


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